Six on Saturday

My Six on Saturday comes to you from sunny Spain, the Picos de Europa to be more specific, where I am easing off after a difficult year. The Propagator will, I hope, allow such a breach of ‘backyard’ information!

1.Ivy Geraniums line the balcony in our rented flat and are absolutely beautiful.

2.The fruit and vegetables here are absolutely wonderful – large and tasty, and these apples are hanging in the neighbour’s garden. I only just resisted the temptation to lean over and pick one!

Apples – Golden Delicious?

Apples – Golden Delicious?

3.The Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, just outside Potes, (the nearest town to where we are staying), was originally founded before 6C, but today’s church is 13C and it has a quiet cloister, with a fountain playing. The hydrangeas are starting to fade, but still attractive.


The Cloister in the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana

4.In the Cloister was also a pot of startlingly red geraniums, ….

Red geraniums in the cloister of San Toribio, Potes

5.And a single rose.


Rose bud in the cloister

6. Further up the valley, in a huge amphitheatre in the mountains, is Fuente Dé. Brave people were setting off to walk up the mountainside, others took the cable car to the top – and we walked in the meadow! The autumn crocuses were flowering, and I also saw scabious, daisies (of course), campanula, and eryngium.

The Picos de Europa at Fuente Dé

I look forward to reading what my fellow gardeners have done in the past week!

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