Six on Saturday in the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

Today’s Six on Saturday comes again from the mountains in northern Spain where the dahlias seems to grow abundantly. I don’t know what they are called but here are six wonderful dahlias – just beautiful!

I hope my fellow gardeners will share my enjoyment!


6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday in the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

  1. Six real beauties. Doesn’t look like the S&S have found them at all, at all. Love the symmetry in #1 & the asymetrical colour in #2. #4 has to be my favourite but the shape of #5 is really interesting, especially from that angle. Great Six.

    • Thank you! Some small evidence of S&S on the nearby hostas, but only very little. The dahlias in the mountains really are wonderful – wherever I looked they are magnificent. These were taken very quickly as I only had a few minutes – I could easily have lingered!

  2. I’m assuming they were all planted; the conditions there must be somewhat similar to where they come from in Mexico and I was wondering if there was any indication they were self sowing.

    • Yes, I would say they were planted judging from the overall look of the site. Wherever we went in the area the dahlias were absolutely stunning, but as it snows in the winter I would judge that they were lifted and then planted anew.

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