Six on Saturday in Ribadeo, Northern Spain

Up on the north coast of Spain, in Ribadeo, the weather continues to be glorious, with cool and misty mornings and hot afternoons. The parks here are not as generously planted as in London, and in this town the planting is not only minimal but also quite formal. Impatiens is used a lot, as are bedding begonias, and there are interesting trees in the streets. So my Six on Saturday (sorry about the delay!) shows you what I saw in the town’s park.

1.Pink impatiens

Pink impatiens

2.White impatiens

White impatiens

3.Red impatiens

Red impatiens

4.Bedding begonias

Bedding begonias



6.And strawberry trees in the streets!

Strawberry tree

Strawberry tree

Yes, you would be right in thinking the public parks and gardens use a lot of impatiens! I hope this meets with the approval of The Propagator and I hope my fellow gardeners enjoy the colour!

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