Mountsfield Park in Lewisham

Mountsfield Park in Lewisham is another surprise in my quest to visit all the parks and gardens in the Borough of Lewisham. Driving along the main roads gives one no idea of this wonderful park hidden behind the rows of Victorian housing. But step off the bus, and walk down a side road, and you…

Park in Lewisham

Six Parks in Lewisham

I am visiting all the parks and nature reserves in South East London, starting with a new park in Lewisham every week. This week, for Six on Saturday, I would like to show you six parks in which I have particularly enjoyed over the Autumn.

Lewisham Park

Lewisham Park in South East London

Last week I was in Telegraph Hill Park in a quiet residential area. This week I am visiting Lewisham Park in South East London, off a busy main road. London Gardens Online (LGO) tells me that ‘… Lewisham Park was laid out as the centrepiece of a housing development built on the estate of the…

Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham

Lower Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham

Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham is a surprising and dramatic park on a hill in South East London, with sweeping views to the City