Descending into winter

The mist is low this morning; a heavy, cold, dampness that wants to sink into my bones. It is silent, with only the occasional brave bird somewhere out in the greyness.

Late autumn colours

This time last year I was getting ready to return to South Africa; now it is five and a half months since my mother died. I need to talk to her this morning. And I long to be with my friend BER. I am suddenly overcome with fear that I will never see him again in this life – one day there will be a phonecall, or worse still an email telling me he has gone, and I will only have the sound of his voice in my head.

The garden falling asleep

Lavender sachets

The lavender bushes flowered well and when I pruned the bushes in August it seemed like a good idea to use the cuttings – lavender sachets and lavender fire bundles! Making small pouches is trickier than I realised, but thanks to the internet and Handmade Jane these are the first attempts:

Easing into autumn in the garden

I still can’t believe the garden was only planted in March/April 2011. Despite my long absences in South Africa, and the viciously erratic weather in the UK during 2012, I looked out this morning on plants which have supported me by thriving. In this dreadful year, when I feel at times completely overwhelmed by my mother’s death, the re-emergence of cancer in Jeremy, and the need to sell a beautiful home in London, I find a peace amongst the plants.

Beautiful flowers

Don’t you think these are just beautiful? Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’ and lobelia ‘Bee’s Flame’. The echinacea came from the wonderful Woottens of Wenhaston,, and the lobelia was found in Middleton Farm Nurseries in Weybread, Suffolk.

A year later in the garden

 I still find it hard to believe that these gorgeous plants have grown in the only one year! And I love the colours which seem to mix so easily.

Hard landscaping finished

The front garden is laid out with new paths and parking area, and an enormous compost bin! It was designed by Jason Lock who has done a great job. And it was reconstructed by Johan vandenberg Hider and his team – wonderfully efficient!

Hard landscaping on back terrace
Hard landscaping on back terrace