Bradshaw’s Illustrated Hand Book to London 1862

I am starting a new adventure, accompanied by Mr George Bradshaw – I am going to explore London (‘and its environs’). Have you seen Michael Portillo’s railway journeys on television, in which he travelled in the UK and Europe, Bradshaw in hand? Well, the same Bradshaw also wrote a guide to London and I will be following his tour from Thursday 24 January 2013, snow permitting. I have a new blog which will document my discoveries,, and I hope that you will join me each week.


Christmas Fayre

The Christmas Fayre in the Church was fun! The lavender bags, napkins, and pretty padded coat hangers all sold, as did some pretty red padded hearts, tied up with ribbon. But the glitzy decorations were not popular – perhaps too much a ‘City’ item? People here wanted small items, not too expensive, and either useful or seriously crafted items which would keep. I will take another stall next year, and take time making items in the months ahead.

One Chocolate Beer Cake sold for £8.50, the other cut up to accompany cups of tea – both in aid of the Church funds. We polished off the ginger cake, with cups of hot tea, after sight-seeing journeys in near-freezing temperatures!

So, all in all, a successful but tiring weekend, and lots to think about for the Cake Book, and the next Church Fayre.