Echinacea in the morning light

August in The Fortnight Garden

Well, here we are at the start of August in The Fortnight Garden, and the start of the eighth month of the year. I have been lazy – yes, I admit to sheer inactivity in the garden – and it shows! However, I am only going to share the nicer bits!

Autumn in Suffolk

I can’t believe that it is early October and the garden still looks good. I started clearing up in the back garden, cutting down the Japanese Anemones before the seedpods could burst – they are multiplying quite fast enough without seeding as well! I need to thin the clumps but I think I will wait til early spring while the plants are still dormant. The Viburnum berries are abundantly red and the sedums are absolutely stunning. The cool start to the year meant they didn’t romp away and I have compact plants with enormous flower heads.