Garden Barges & Open Garden Squares Weekend

The Garden Barges at Tower Bridge are floating homes with gardens on the rooftops and gangways, and if you haven’t yet visited you should do so this year – the planting is looking gorgeous! Over the past year gardener Sophie Tatzkow has done a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing more of her…

Woollon House

Docklands north of the Thames, Open Garden Squares Weekend

Tower Hamlets and Docklands may sound unlikely areas for beautiful gardens, but take a chance and journey east to explore the sites in the Docklands Area which are open during Open Garden Squares Weekend, 17 & 18 June! You won’t be disappointed – just check the Guidebook or the website to be sure which gardens are open on…

Docklands south of the Thames in Open Garden Squares Weekend

The Docklands south of the Thames aren’t derelict! This historically important part of the Thames is home to some very imaginative conservation and regeneration projects – do venture south and east of the river and visit during Open Garden Squares Weekend.  There are some fascinating sites south of the Thames, in the former Surrey Commercial Docks and near…

Garden Barges

Garden Barges at Tower Bridge

The Garden Barges at Tower Bridge are absolutely fascinating – literally gardens on the roofs of barges linked to one another and moored on the bank of the Thames. The gardens are filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers, and there are even bee hives! Do visit during Open Garden Squares Weekend!

Garden Barges near Tower Bridge

What an amazing place! The Garden Barges will be open to the public during the Open Garden Squares Weekend of 18 and 19 June – do visit! Gardens are tucked into all corners of the moored barges, and there are even bee hives – magical!