Best-ever Bread – wholegrain, spelt, and soya milk

DSCF6416OK, it doesn’t look great, but the taste was absolutely wonderful, and even after four days it is very good – fresh and toasted.

I used my basic bread recipe, learned at the first of only three evening classes in baking:

750 gms flour, consisting of 300 gms wholegrain flour, 300 gms spelt, 150 gms brown flour

1 tbsp golden syrup, 1 tbsp oil

1 tbsp dried active yeast

A large handful of raisins soaked in boiling water (which I added to the liquid)

c.16 fl ozs soya milk and a little water

I baked at 200C for 10 minutes, and then continued at 180C for 35-40 minutes

Spelt and Rye Breads

The project to make bread which looks good – and tastes very moreish – continues. I am playing with a basic recipe which is the following:

750g bread flour
17g dried active yeast
15-16 fl ozs liquid
1 tbsp sweetening
2 tsps salt
1 tbsp fat

Spelt Bread in front; Rye Bread behind
Spelt Bread behind; Rye Bread in front

Spelt Bread

500g spelt four; 150g strong white flour; 100g strong brown flour
17g active dry yeast
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp oil
15-16 fl ozs of a mixture of yoghurt, sour cream, and water (I had some leftovers in the fridge!)

I baked at 190c for 10 minutes, and then reduced to 170C for another 35 minutes

Rye Bread

450g rye flour; 200g strong white flour; 100g strong brown flour

A handful of raisins soaked in some of the hot liquid, and a few walnuts

Liquid, yeast and fat as above, and same baking temperatures and times.

And as soon as it cools…..!