The winter garden in Suffolk

I have tidied up as much as I am going to before I need to start some serious reworking of the garden, and I am actually quite pleased. The garden is just starting its seventh year (where has the time gone?) and every year is more settled, although I am still changing, moving, and adjusting…

Clematis ‘Prince Charles’

I have a problem – my clematis ‘Prince Charles’ is putting out new growth with clear determination! It is only early December and not at all what I expected so I consulted the RHS. It is a young plant, put in earlier this year and the RHS advises me to ‘…Prune in late winter or early spring…

Counterpoint in Weather

There, is it definitely winter, with temperatures below freezing and the first snows. Here, it is suddenly much colder, that wet cold that seeps into your bones, but the leaves are still resolutely clinging to the trees, and there is a last, mad, dash of colour.

Counterpoint in weather

Here there are still days which are chilly, but the plants tell me winter is over and we can enjoy the colours, sounds, and scents of spring. There it is a different matter.