Girdlers’ Livery Company Almshouses

I visited the enclosed garden of the Girdlers’ Livery Company in the City over the weekend, as part of Open Squares & Gardens in London, and today I searched out the Company’s Almshouses in the Borough of Southwark, in Consort Road SE15 3SD. A brief history of the almshouses is here. As at the Livery Hall the gardens were pretty, with lovely roses.

15-6-16 Girdlers Almshouses LR-2969

15-6-16 Girdlers Almshouses LR-2958

15-6-16 Girdlers Almshouses LR-2967

The Girdlers’ Hall Garden

The Girdlers’ Livery Company dates back to Mediaeval times and is no.23 by precedence. The original building of 1431 burned down in 1666, and the second Hall was destroyed in WWII. All the Halls have been built on roughly the original site bequeathed by Andrew Hunt in 1431 in today’s Basinghall Avenue. Today, with girdles no longer a fashion requirement, the Company is mainly involved in charitable work, including almshouses at Consort Road, Nunhead. I visited the garden during the Open Squares Weekend in London on 13 & 14 June. The Hall is surrounded by office buildings but looks over a green square managed by the Corporation of London. 

15-6-15 Open Squares LR-2874

The Girdlers’ Company garden is enclosed and on different levels, and while the main area is small it is beautiful, and peaceful.

15-6-15 Open Squares LR-2863

15-6-13 Open Squares LR-5033

The paeonies were over, just the dramatic seedpods remain, but the roses were beautiful.

15-6-13 Open Squares LR-5029

15-6-13 Open Squares LR-5025



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