The end of June in The Fortnight Garden

Here we are, at the end of June in The Fortnight Garden. I can hardly believe that six months of the year have already passed and we are into the second half of 2020. What a year it is proving! The hard work in the garden in March and April was well worth it as I look round now at colour everywhere, and bees, butterflies and birds enjoying themselves.

Summer Solstice in The Fortnight Garden

Well, here we are, half-way through the year – almost at the Summer Solstice in The Fortnight Garden. The sun is about to turn round and head south which means we are on the downward slope to autumn… Some very welcome rain in the last week calmed down the very hot weather and that was good, but I think the high temperatures are about to return again. There is not a lot of change in the garden this week and the plants just continue to grow while I watch and try to stay calm, and sane.