Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham

Lower Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham

Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham is a surprising and dramatic park on a hill in South East London, with sweeping views to the City

Six challenges in The City Garden

Well, you have to pay for pleasure and after enjoying the sunshine and bright colours of Northern Spain I have returned to a messy, sombre garden in London. It could be worse – the gardens could be dry and dead! Nevertheless I have six challenges in the City Garden this week.

Greenwich Park in Autumn

I love wandering in Greenwich Park in the evenings and at the moment the autumn colours are wonderful, although winter seems just round the corner. The ring-necked parakeets and the squirrel are frenetically busy, and very noisy, gathering up the chestnuts.

Autumn in Suffolk

The front garden is looking just as abundant as the back garden – in the evening light it looked more like high summer than autumn! There are some late roses – William Shakespeare and Graham Thomas The bed which was replanted in the spring is working! The Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ are marvellously vibrant – I may plant a few more…

Autumn in Suffolk

I can’t believe that it is early October and the garden still looks good. I started clearing up in the back garden, cutting down the Japanese Anemones before the seedpods could burst – they are multiplying quite fast enough without seeding as well! I need to thin the clumps but I think I will wait til…

Counterpoint in Weather

There, is it definitely winter, with temperatures below freezing and the first snows. Here, it is suddenly much colder, that wet cold that seeps into your bones, but the leaves are still resolutely clinging to the trees, and there is a last, mad, dash of colour.