Six challenges in The City Garden

Well, you have to pay for pleasure and after enjoying the sunshine and bright colours of Northern Spain I have returned to a messy, sombre garden in London. It could be worse – the gardens could be dry and dead! Nevertheless I have six challenges in the City Garden this week.

1.I went shopping to stock up the fridge, and, filled with energy after weeks away, thought about The Propagator and his bulbs. There on the supermarket shelf was the answer – yellow daffodils! Unnamed, just yellow, and a low-risk option for the squirrels and slugs! Only 40, thank goodness, but better than nothing – I hope I will be excused for sinking to unnamed yellow!

Yellow daffodils

2.I left the African Violets outside for some Vitamin D and fresh air while I was away and they seem to have done well. Even the leaves I shoved unceremoniously into a pot seem about to take – they are very firm in the soil.

3.The Japanese Anemones are bursting into seed, literally, but I am happy with that and leave them to get on with it. It will ensure I have new plants next year and I can always find them a home.

Japanese Anemone seed bud

4.The Liquidamber is doing just that – turning from green to amber, and red – gorgeous!

The Liquidamber tree
The Liquidamber tree

5.The small white hydrangea, planted in a pot, is also turning a wonderful pink for autumn. I think I am going to move the other small white hydrangea into a neighbouring pot, taller, because I think it will look quite impressive on the patio.

6.And finally, I can also do spiders! I nearly walked into this one which is barring the entrance to the fernery.


Next week I need to get out there and start doing some serious tidying up! Those are my Six on Saturday – six challenges in the City garden.


    • Thank you! I am doing a post on a walk through Leon and will send you a link – I think you will like it! I loved your walk along/around the Guadiano. It is a while since I have been in Portugal and we are trying to squeeze in a visit next year!

  1. Do you know I dont think I’ve ever noticed my japanese anemone going to seed. Perhaps I get annoyed and clear them up too soon. Perhaps I’ll leave them longer this year.

  2. The seed heads ‘explode’ and are good for photography, but the plants are robust and I have found new anemones all over the garden in the most unlikely places, so be warned!

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