Lavender Pond Nature Reserve, SE16 5DZ

‘…Lavender Pond Nature Park was created in 1981 by LB Southwark in conjunction with the Trust for Urban Ecology and Landuse Consultants Ltd. It was once in the northern part of the Surrey Commercial Docks established in 1864 [and] finally closed in 1969. Nearby are remnants of the earlier industrial use, the Lavender Lock built in 1863…

Libertia Grandiflora

The Libertia Grandiflora is now in its 6th year and absolutely filled with flowers stalks which are just starting to open – I am looking forward to the display over the next few weeks, and I am sure the camera will be very busy too.

A Shady Patio Bed in London

I am finding the Patio Bed another difficult area – semi-shaded, good soil but chalky a few feet down. I was not happy with the positioning of plants last year and so I have made some changes this year, the second year.

Sloping site – first ideas

We have to tackle a blank canvas and a sloping site – and the plants need to be HARDY. The soil is normal, and there is sunshine, apart from the shade under the magnolia tree. What to plant underneath the magnolia tree? Euphorbias, Brunnera, Bergenias… They murmured something about ‘a table and chairs for sipping wine…’…