The shady, damp border

OK, I have made decisions and the plants are in! This is roughly the plan – the number of plants is not exact, but their position is correct.
Flint Wall Border

I took out the Molinia which were not happy – they are now in another, sunnier part of the garden. Then I decided to work with the plants I already have, here and in Suffolk, where I have been dividing and potting. This border in London along the flint wall is a difficult to plant because it has hardly any sunlight, although it is not dark, and the planting has to be proportionate to the house, i.e. it has to be reasonably substantial. I am also challenged by snails and as I don’t want to use chemicals plants have to be snail-resistant. I thought I was doing quite well but I notice that the Japanese Anemones are being nibbled – probably as I write.

And this is what it actually looks like. I have staked the anemones now because I usually wait too long and then it is difficult. I find staking is necessary to support the flower stems which can be c.5′-6′ tall! The bergenias are doing well already, and if all the other plants flourish I am hopeful that the border will look abundant.

16-3-25 Flint Wall Border LR-0134

And this is what the border looked like in March last year!

The Flint Wall Border in March 2015
The Flint Wall Border in March 2015


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