Jardin Exotique et Botanique, Roscoff

I had explored the greenhouses and part of the garden overlooking the bay; now there was only the woodland and inland garden left and I really didn’t want to leave!

Jardin Exotique et Botanique, Roscoff

The Jardin Exotique et Botanique at Roscoff is an extraordinary garden which started in 1986 when the Department of Finistère bought the Roc d’Hievec and gifted it to Roscoff. Two remarkable men, Louis Kerdilès and Daniel Person, then created a garden which today is pure delight, with plants from around the world and nearly one third from…

Dahlias in The Thabor Gardens, Rennes

The Thabor Gardens, a wonderful 10-hectare Park/Gardens, is in the centre of Rennes – a must-visit! I wrote about the Gardens on the travel blog and here I would like to share the dahlias, which were in full bloom and quite simply spectacular.  

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne – Jardins du Crepuscule

The last part of the Parc is The Twilight Garden, representing Autumn which I assume means the last cycle of life, or as an actor once said ‘the final act’. I must admit I did not understand this part of the garden and leave you with some plants and sights which caught my eye but I can’t say anything…

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne – Jardins Romantiques

The Jardins Romantiques is the second garden in the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne and, as in 2015, I spent a lot of time in the Garden of the Rising Sun. But this year we walked through Le Bois Décisif and round the opposite side of the lake.

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne – Garden of Arcady

As in 2015 the first day in France included a visit to the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne. But unlike 2015 this was a more selective visit – I didn’t try to see everything in the garden. The entrance to the Parc is down the Alley of White Pearls, a path lined with Hydrangea Paniculata and the beginning of the…

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne, final

A systematic exploration of the third section of the garden, the Jardins du Crepuscules, escaped me. I wandered through the woods, noticed the Prehistoric Garden, and then went in search of a cup of coffee. Now if the cafe in front of the Chateau had been open…

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne

Travelling is, for me, about new understandings and so the main stop on Day 1 in France was at the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne, a wonderful, magical garden of 85 hectares in the north of Normandy. The Parc was laid out in 1847 and has 24 different garden areas.