Dahlias in The Thabor Gardens, Rennes

The Thabor Gardens, a wonderful 10-hectare Park/Gardens, is in the centre of Rennes Рa must-visit! I wrote about the Gardens on the travel blog and here I would like to share the dahlias, which were in full bloom and quite simply spectacular.


Dahlia 'New Baby'
Dahlia ‘New Baby’

Dahlia in The Thabor Gardens

Dahlia 'Cartouche'
Dahlia ‘Cartouche’

Dahlias in The Thabor Gardens, Rennes

Dahlia 'Faro'
Dahlia ‘Faro’
Dahlia 'Charles de Gaulle'
Dahlia ‘Charles de Gaulle’
Dahlia 'Charles de Gaulle'
Dahlia ‘Charles de Gaulle’

Dahlias in the Thabor Gardens, Rennes


Dahlia 'Eurydice'
Dahlia ‘Eurydice’
Dahlia 'Toupie'
Dahlia ‘Toupie’
Dahlia 'Emory Paul'
Dahlia ‘Emory Paul’
Dahlia 'Capricio'
Dahlia ‘Capricio’
Dahlia 'Violeta'
Dahlia ‘Violeta’


  1. Wow! What a gardenful! I’ve finally fallen in love with dahlias as they seem to survive well in my garden area in Spain, but not so luxuriant as these. Would need too much precious water! Good to see your travels in France.

    • Yes, it was wonderful, and particularly so because it was in the centre of the town. The dahlias were planted as ‘examples’ of different varieties – it would be interesting to try and integrate them into a larger planting.

      • I might try more as they seem to be survivors. Start blooming in Spring. Stop in August as so hot and dry. Seem to be trying again to flower in September. Might try Rennes on our way back next year. Although the drive can be long I enjoy our visits in France. This year we stopped to really look at Chartres.

      • Rennes is a wonderful stop if it is easily on your route. The Cathedral, Thabor Gardens & St Melaine Abbey, Museum of Brittany, and the Fine Arts Museum. And there are eateries galore. Another beautiful garden is at Apremont-sur-Allier (there are pictures on the gardening blog). Chartres – wonderful – the windows! I always try to see something enroute to our destinations!

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