Early July in a village garden

Early July in a village garden is a bright and colourful time. Fortunately the garden is now more or less looking after itself because I have ongoing back problems and need to be careful. At least I don’t have to water because there has been a lot of rain, encouraging everything to ever greater heights. Walking towards the house, or looking out of the front door, is like being in a giant flower bed! And as you can see the garden is densely planted and so there is very little space in which to do anything new!

The front garden

Mid-June in The Fortnight Garden

Mid-June in The Fortnight Garden and time is starting to whizz past. We are nearly at the Summer Equinox. In my mind the sun is about to turn round and head south again, which is not a happy thought! But apart from that it has been a good week with a lot of very welcome rain.

Early morning in The Fortnight Garden