Mid-June in The Fortnight Garden

Mid-June in The Fortnight Garden and time is starting to whizz past. We are nearly at the Summer Equinox. In my mind the sun is about to turn round and head south again, which is not a happy thought! But apart from that it has been a good week with a lot of very welcome rain.

Early morning in The Fortnight Garden

1.Honeysuckle is flowering at the side of the house, hidden behind the weigela and the rose. It is just an ordinary honeysuckle, but so pretty in the half-light.

Honeysuckle in mid-June in The Fortnight Garden
Honeysuckle in mid-June

2.The Veronicastrum spears are standing higher each week and I am hoping that they will clump up over time. These are quite short plants, not the kind that grows to five foot and more.

Veronicastrum in mid-June in The Fortnight Garden

3.Prince Charles is visiting! I think this clematis should probably be more abundant, and perhaps larger, but I am happy with what I have

4.The fruit continues to swell, promising me plum jam (plum crumble, plum cake and so on), quince any which way you like, and pears just as they are! This time last year the fruit seems to have been at much the same stage of development.

5.The Philadelphus is full of flowers and smelling sweet – very pretty.

Philadelphus in mid-June

6.But more than anything else little pleasures abound, allowing me to just wander around and enjoy the variety of colours and shapes.

And that is what I am doing in mid-June in The Fortnight Garden – not very much apart from enjoyin what I see and find! Thank you again to The Propagator for giving me this opportunity to share my garden.


  1. What a dramatic Veronicastrum…do you know the name? Your fruit look in tip top condition.

    • Thank you! I don’t remember the variety of Veronicastrum, but it is quite low-growing so maybe a variety of Virginicum? The quinces will be fine, and the pears, but the plums have a touch of curly leaf – I don’t think I jumped into action quickly enough. However, there are plenty of them – we are just tucking into last year’s crop in the form of plum crumble!

    • What a wonderful setting you have for your home! Thank you for visiting what is a very small village garden, a cottage garden now, where ‘things’ are starting to just happen. And it has remained surprisingly colourful, although I can think of one or two more things which i would like to add!

  2. waaagh, my plums are inadequate! my vic plum tree is still young, and will produce a record couple of dozen fruit this year, i think. yours is loaded! hope mine bucks up its ideas in the next year or two.

    • Yes, I am going to have plenty! However, I only learned about pruning, i.e. don’t do it, quite late and before that there were hardly any plums! They freeze ok for crumble and cake, and any other suggestions would be welcomed

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