Colours in Suffolk

I have been digging, clearing and dividing in Suffolk and need a moment to enjoy the colours in the garden. I hope all the bare patches will soon become green and colourful!

Clematis ‘Prince Charles’

I have a problem – my clematis ‘Prince Charles’ is putting out new growth with clear determination! It is only early December and not at all what I expected so I consulted the RHS. It is a young plant, put in earlier this year and the RHS advises me to ‘…Prune in late winter or early spring…

We need cold weather!

The garden in Suffolk is not going to sleep – we need cold weather! One of the clematis, ”Prince Charles’, is sending out new growth, the Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ are starting to grow, and the primroses are flowering – what should I do? Even ‘William Shakespeare’ is still flowering.        

Autumn in Suffolk

I can’t believe that it is early October and the garden still looks good. I started clearing up in the back garden, cutting down the Japanese Anemones before the seedpods could burst – they are multiplying quite fast enough without seeding as well! I need to thin the clumps but I think I will wait til…

Open Gardens in Halesworth

Halesworth is a Market Town in High Suffolk and over the weekend townspeople opened their gardens in support of Air Ambulance. Walking through the town centre gives no hint of the beautiful spaces hidden away throughout the town – it was a wonderful afternoon! The flowers were abundant everywhere, and the roses were particularly beautiful. There were…

Early morning in Suffolk

The clouds are starting to bank up but there was sunlight in the garden this morning as I opened the front door. And the sunlight caught the paeonies, the arum lilies and the soon-to-open lavender.