Colours in Suffolk

I have been digging, clearing and dividing in Suffolk and need a moment to enjoy the colours in the garden. I hope all the bare patches will soon become green and colourful!

The front garden from the bedroom window
The front garden from the bedroom window

The Patio Bed with the Libertia which I hope will flower in May
The Patio Bed with the Libertia which I hope will flower in May

The grasses have over-wintered well – I love the Carex Testacea and the Stipa Tenuissisima seem to be flourishing. The stumpy thing is Miscanthus ‘Kleine Silberspinne’a wonderful, stateful grass which has never let me down. And the leaves are of course bergenia, a plant which I love and which appears to be universally hated – not sure why.

Carex Testacea Stipa Tenuissima Grasses & Bergenia

Aren’t these pretty? Iris Lazica

Iris Lazica

And the Viburnum Sargentii ‘Onondaga’ is promising growth and flowers this year.

Viburnum Sargentii 'Onondaga'

At the back ‘terrace’ the daffodils are still flowering, and there is a beautiful fern – Dryopteris ErythrosoraThe canes are to support the Anemones which are spreading like weeds. I generally put the stakes in too late, so this year I am ready for their enthusiastic growth. The Dogwoods were a beautiful red but were cut down shortly after this photograph.

The back terrace

Dryopteris Erythrosora & miniature daffodils Dutch Master Daffodils in Suffolk



    • It was incredibly hard work last autumn, when I made most of the changes. This spring I have divided geraniums (Mayflower & Ingwerson’s Variety) and some of the sedums (Indian Chief), weeded, and put down some compost. I have also cut down the grasses, and the cornus. The daffodils have been pretty and the tulips in the tubs should also look good.

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