The bergenias

I love bergenias – large, shiny leaves in the summer, purples leaves in the winter, and spectacular deep magenta flower heads in the spring. And I love the white bergenias, at first hidden amongst the leaves and then gradually growing taller. And their leaves are a bright, shiny colour in the summer.

Counterpoint in Weather

Henham Country Fayre had a brilliant display of owls and predatory birds, often rescue birds which had been imprisoned as pets. The day was beautiful. There were crowds of people watching the scurry racing! And this little chap was called ‘Peanut’. Over there the snowy owl was flying free.

Colours in the spring garden

The plants are setting out with determination into the new year and I hope that they won’t be caught by a late frost. Daffodils, primroses, and hellebores are open everywhere, and in the garden I have Iris Lazica. Related articles Gardens: winter jewels | Dan Pearson

Starting to garden again

The garden will be ‘open’ to visitors as part of our Open Weekend in just over three months – scarey! Today was a beautiful day in Suffolk and I have been digging out weeds and cutting back the dogwoods. I couldn’t bear to throw away the beautiful red and yellow branches and so they are…

The front garden

I need to get myself into the garden – the plants are waking up and the gaps I created in the autumn need to be filled. And the Open Weekend in June is only three and a half months away! I thought it would be useful to look at the development of parts of the…