Starting to garden again


The garden will be ‘open’ to visitors as part of our Open Weekend in just over three months – scarey! Today was a beautiful day in Suffolk and I have been digging out weeds and cutting back the dogwoods. I couldn’t bear to throw away the beautiful red and yellow branches and so they are side by side in a glass vase.


The bergenias are a deep maroon; the brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ are starting to develop leaves; the Japanese anenomes are also starting out again –  but the leaves look rather yellow. I have applied bonemeal and perhaps need to add some general fertiliser? There are buds on the hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ and this year I have just dead-headed, rather than cutting hard back. The viburnum compactum buds are swelling and the vinca is flowering – we are getting ready!

Viburnum Davidii getting ready

Viburnum Davidii getting ready

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4 thoughts on “Starting to garden again

  1. Yes, it won’t be long now before everything gets into its stride. I have a couple of plants that look a little anaemic, so have been dishing out the bone meal and hoping it won’t rain for a few days to let the soil drain properly. Love that arrangement of dogwood branches 🙂

      • I think the anaemia could be down to water logging. I would not overdo the feeding until things dry out a little, but a general fertiliser will also provide for the foliage, whereas bonemeal will encourage strong roots.

      • Thank you – I will leave the anenomes to the sunshine and see what develops. I have applied some bonemeal, and manured, and I can see lots of small new plants so they can’t be too unhappy!

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