Bina Gardens – Open Garden Squares 2016

This year I visited gardens between Earls Court and Gloucester Road underground stations during the Open Garden Squares Weekend, starting with Bina Gardens East. This peaceful and lush garden has been cleverly designed and planted to created different areas and climates. Treed walks are filled with shade-loving plants, and the play of light through the…

Michelle Meilland in Greenwich Park

I look forward to seeing this rose every year. Just for a few weeks I enjoy the whirl of pink petals and it is a special joy to visit Greenwich Park and head for the rose garden.

Pink Paeonies – The Essence of Summer

The Paeony Borders in Greenwich Park seem rather smaller and more restrained this year, but perhaps I am imagining it. Right now the paeonies are displaying themselves completely unrestrainedly, in pink, magenta, and white, and somehow managing to survive all the rain. And I am sharing this with Garden Photography.

Garden Barges near Tower Bridge

What an amazing place! The Garden Barges will be open to the public during the Open Garden Squares Weekend of 18 and 19 June – do visit! Gardens are tucked into all corners of the moored barges, and there are even bee hives – magical!

Brunel Museum in Open Garden Squares Weekend

The Brunel Museum is housed in the Pumphouse for The Thames Tunnel which was built in order to facilitate transport, and trade, from the north bank to the south bank of The Thames and it was designed as a foot tunnel and for horse-drawn transport. The Museum will be open during the Open Garden Squares Weekend, 18…

Crossrail Place Roof Garden at Canary Wharf

I love visiting the Crossrail Roof Garden in Canary Wharf and here I can only give you a hint of this beautiful garden in an exciting setting – do spend some time in this exciting garden during the Open Garden Squares Weekend on 18 and 19 June which is part of the Bloom & Grow Festival at…

Woollon House Garden

Woollon House is opening its garden during Open Garden Squares Weekend on Sunday 19 June – do visit this peaceful space created by an intrepid and determined gardener in Tower Hamlets who would love to have your company! And this time it is a working lady, digging and planting on her own – fabulous results and lots of interesting ideas.

Roses in Cable Street Community Gardens

The roses are all over the Cable Street Community Gardens, draped over railings, climbing up trellises, hidden away in unexpected corners – gorgeous! These are Community Gardens, not specialist rose gardens, and I have posted on the Gardens, but the roses are so beautiful I felt I needed to share these images with you –…