Snails & Slugs & Gardening

OK, that’s it – I have had enough of fighting the snails and slugs in the London garden and I cannot bear to put down chemicals and pick up the bodies afterwards. So I am going to find plants which they do not eat and only use those plants.

Lexham Gardens – Open Garden Squares 2016

I visited Lexham Gardens during the Open Garden Squares Weekend and it was like being on a village green as the residents were celebrating with their Annual Garden Party. Free drinks as we came through the gate – wonderful! – people chatting everywhere, and the children (and adults) enjoying a wonderful magician. Lexham Gardens is part…

Nevern Square – Open Garden Squares 2016

The houses around Nevern Square were developed from the 1880s and the gardens were laid out 1885-86. Before that it was green fields and market gardens in the Manor of Kensington.

Gledhow Gardens – Open Garden Squares 2016

From Bina Gardens I strolled to Gledhow Gardens, another amazing green space hidden between tall buildings, some of which front on to a busy main road. The gardens are owned by the residents and date back to the 1840s when the Gunter family started building in the area. The gardens were laid out in the 1890s.…