Cable Street Community Gardens

Cable Street Community Gardens was ‘…founded in the late 1970’s as part of a Friends of the Earth initiative reclaiming derelict land for local community use…’ by an intrepid lady and a few friends and is now a haven of peace, productivity, and wild life on either side of the DLR in Tower Hamlets. ‘Community’ is important here, people know one another, and care. These are gardens rather than ‘allotments’ and they are organic gardens which are bursting with interest and life in all meanings of the word. The Cable Street Community Gardens will be open to the public during Open Garden Squares Weekend and they are a ‘must-visit’ in this area.

Winterton House Garden

Winterton House is a strikingly tall residential block on the Commercial Road in East London whose private garden will be open on Sunday 19 June, during Open Garden Squares Weekend – this is a ‘‘must-visit-&-linger! I was privileged recently to see this wonderful, young garden with surprises and enjoyments around every corner. The garden, hen house, and small vegetable squares are a lesson in what can be achieved by grit, determination, vision, and sheer hard work. And it is all due to two mature and extraordinary gardeners, Melvyn Smith and Ken Davis.

The Compound, Stave Hill Ecology Park

‘…Set within the main ecology park, the Compound is the site in miniature… The Compound is managed by The Conservation Volunteers [who] aim to create a space where visitors can find peace, inspiration and ideas to take away. The Compound is also a workspace and the base for the practical work carried out in the surrounding woodland and meadows. Here is where gabions, bird boxes and art works are created for the park…’.

The Compound and the Stave Hill Ecological Park are participating in the Open Garden Squares Weekend.

Stave Hill Ecology Park, Surrey Docklands

Down the road from Lavender Pond another section of the old Surrey Commercial Docks has become woodlands and a nature reserve – the Stave Hill Ecology Park. It is a peaceful, quiet place to walk, or wander and in The Shed, the Visitor Centre, there are ideas galore about conservation, recycling, gardening – do visit!