Broadway Fields in Lewisham

Two parks, Broadway Fields in Lewisham and Brookmill Park, also in Lewisham, lie between Deptford Bridge and Elverson Road and run parallel to Brookmill Road. This is a park which was created for young people after consultation with the local community, and as such a facility it is successful.

Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

Well, this week it is the plums! In the past fortnight the fruit has ripened and the tree is heavily laden with ripe fruit which is also being enjoyed by the wasps and bees, and some creepie crawlies. And other than that the garden is just being ‘garden’.

1.The Victoria Plum tree – I had several for breakfast, I will have to freeze, and of course I have to make jam.

2.The Conference Pears are swelling – all four dozen or so!

3.Even the Cornus Mas has produced little fruits!

4.The Japanese Anemones are falling over themselves to please me! When I come out into the garden in the mornings I can’t quite believe what I am seeing. However, they are starting to take over and some will have to be given away.

Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’

Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’

Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’

Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’ and Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’

5.There is more pink in the sedums which are colouring next to the variegated dogwoods.

6.And the patio bed is just being garden! It is lovely to sit here in the evening and looking over what is becoming an established and lush garden.

The Patio Garden

The Patio Garden

The Patio Garden in the evening

I look forward to seeing more gardens on The Propagator and hope you are all enjoying the burst of colour and abundance at the end of August.

Friendly Gardens in Lewisham

The Lewisham Council site tells me that Friendly Gardens in Lewisham has a dog exercice area and a playground, and that the two parts of the gardens are separated by the railway line, while LGO does not list the gardens at all. In 2014 The Brockley Central Blogspot describes the park as ‘…Perhaps the most mistreated of the Brockley parks, Friendly Gardens is a pleasant slope of grass running parallel with Friendly Street and Lucas Street. A little too small and vertiginous for many people to spend much time in and often blighted by litter, it is a pretty spot which nonetheless sometimes has a touch of Kes about it…’. Fortunately there is now a Friends of Friendly Gardens and obviously I needed to take a look!

Bridgehouse Meadows in Lewisham

Bridgehouse Meadows in Lewisham is one of the many little parks along the railway lines in Lewisham, and like all the others it has an interesting history. And just like many of the other parks this one hides away behind housing – you can’t drive past it – and so it was a new discovery for me.

Hatcham Gardens in New Cross

Lewisham Council’s site tells me that ‘…Hatcham Gardens is part of the North Lewisham Links project. The design was drawn up after consultation with local people including children at the local Kender Primary School, which borders Hatcham Gardens. Access [to] the gardens via Kender Street and Pomeroy Street…’

The Park reopened in 2010 after a redesign by London firm East and their website tells me ‘…the remodeling of the park includes planting of 40 Albizia trees replacing existing patches of tarmac and fencing; two large sandpits; new custom-made furniture and play equipment in galvanized steel, including swings, climbing equipment and roundabouts; a water fountain; an area for playing Boules; and a meadow area…’.