Six on Saturday in The City Garden

The Propagator has produced another list of plants, this time from Edinburgh. I hope he enjoys my City Garden list!

1. The Sedums are starting to colour. I think this one is ‘Indian Chief’. It is strong and produces enormous heads of flowers. I gave some of the plants the Chelsea chop and I will certainly do the same thing next year.

2.Molinia Caerulea ‘Transparent’ are waving around and absolutely gorgeous!

3.Carex Pendula is spreading itself around and somehow found its way into a pot of ferns – it has to go! There are several new plants in pots – fortunately a neighbour is looking for something rampant and so I am going to make her a gift of around a dozen plants, all self-sown.

Carex ‘Pendula’

4.Above the ferns an Ivy is draping over the pergola. It is starting to creep up the wall again and will need to be trimmed.


5.Corydalis also seeds and spreads quite happily. I found a few plants under the ivy, hidden in a corner with the Japanese Anemones. I let it spread because I like it and because it appears faithfully every year.


6.And finally I have a very odd colour Hydrangea. It started bright pink and now it is this sort of dirty pinky blue – is it sulking?


Those are my Six on Saturday – I hope you enjoy them!


  1. I bought a plant of Molinia ‘Transparent’ last year and now I wish I’d bought at least three. It’s a beauty though I’ve not managed a photo to match yours yet and I don’t really have a comparable dark background anywhere.

  2. I love your two grass photos. I don’t have many grasses in my garden, and I’m inspired by yours!

    • I am just loving the grasses! They are a little messy to get started, and established, but easy to care for. I was sitting in the Fernery, with a cup of tea and the camera, and it was just lovely. London can be surprising!

  3. I love ‘Transparent’ which is saying something, as I’m not usually a grass person. this one checks all the boxes. May have to indulge. My garden came w/an enormous Carex Pendula, which I didn’t know the name of, so thank you. Now I know what to call it when I give it away. I’m a corydalis fan, too, but I think we might be in the minority.

    • The Molinia will spread, quickly, so be warned! I am giving away the Carex Pendula to someone who needs to fill a wild area! I don’t see how anyone can’t like corydalis… It also comes in pink/mauve but I like the yellow and encourage it to spread.

      • I think that’s the problem w/some folk – that it spreads like wildfire. But it’s so delicate & beautifully shaped, I don’t mind where it shows up.

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