Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

Well, this week it is the plums! In the past fortnight the fruit has ripened and the tree is heavily laden with ripe fruit which is also being enjoyed by the wasps and bees, and some creepie crawlies. And other than that the garden is just being ‘garden’.

1.The Victoria Plum tree – I had several for breakfast, I will have to freeze, and of course I have to make jam.

2.The Conference Pears are swelling – all four dozen or so!

3.Even the Cornus Mas has produced little fruits!

4.The Japanese Anemones are falling over themselves to please me! When I come out into the garden in the mornings I can’t quite believe what I am seeing. However, they are starting to take over and some will have to be given away.

Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’
Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’
Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’
Japanese Anemones ‘Hadspens Abundance’ and Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’

5.There is more pink in the sedums which are colouring next to the variegated dogwoods.

6.And the patio bed is just being garden! It is lovely to sit here in the evening and looking over what is becoming an established and lush garden.

The Patio Garden
The Patio Garden
The Patio Garden in the evening

I look forward to seeing more gardens on The Propagator and hope you are all enjoying the burst of colour and abundance at the end of August.


    • Thank you, and thank you for visiting. It is good to reach a point when you can sit back and think ‘that will do nicely for now’ and look beyond the work which could be done! It allows you to ‘just be person’.

  1. I am jealous of your vic plums Candy. I have a tree that has never produced a single plum. It is only 2 or 3 years old so perhaps I am being impatient…

    • Yes, I have a good crop this year – enough for jam, eating raw, and giving away to neighbours. I think the trick is the pruning; plums bear on old wood and now that I have stopped pruning the tree it is producing plums!

  2. Your garden is looking lovely and lush. I don’t like conference pears to eat, but I do like the way they can be grown along a trellis. And plums! Oh, yes, nothing better than home-made plum jam!

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