Chocolate Guinness & Lemon Cakes, and Cape Dutch Brandy Pudding

There is a Cratfield Concert on Sunday and I am baking! The Mucky Duck beer was not on tap in the pub and so this chocolate cake is made with Guinness and additionally flavoured with dried ginger, cinnamon, and dark brown sugar. I wanted the glaze to glide over the cake, in an even, shiny coating – this isn’t smooth enough (i.e. too thick), although it tastes good. I don’t think Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be impressed!

The Mucky Duck Chocolate Cake

This weekend is the third Concert at Cratfield in the 2013 season and I am baking – starting with a Chocolate Beer Cake, based on Delia Smith’s recipe. I am adding spices, and I am experimenting with quantities because my tin is so big! The beer is Mucky Duck, made by Buffy’s Brewery and recommended by Roger, who owns The Poacher next door. (Fantastic beers in this pub, and the beers change all the time – well worth travelling to taste!)

Mucky Duck Chocolate Cake
Mucky Duck Chocolate Cake

Shapes of Cakes

I am working on The Cake Book and thinking about the shapes of cakes, and my cakes tins.

The Three Ginger Cake is ready, recipe and shape, and I am going to include an adapted version of Dan Lepard’s Orange CakeBoth use the same cake tin in different ways – the ‘tins’ are silicone moulds and are easy to use. However, neither recipe has a ‘dedicatee’ yet – is there such a word?

Three Ginger Cake
Three Ginger Cake

Baking Challenges

I am on holiday! And this means doing things differently. I have noticed lots of ‘Challenges’ on the internet, but have never participated so I am going to try one or two this month.

I enjoy Karen’s blog very much and she mentions a Braided Bread Challenge for August, using recipes based on King Arthur’s Flour. It looks interesting! The photograph on the King Arthur site doesn’t really look like bread, however, and I wonder if I can achieve something more like bread? And why not put marmalade inside? Breakfast in a slice…

Recipe photo

Christmas Fayre

The Christmas Fayre in the Church was fun! The lavender bags, napkins, and pretty padded coat hangers all sold, as did some pretty red padded hearts, tied up with ribbon. But the glitzy decorations were not popular – perhaps too much a ‘City’ item? People here wanted small items, not too expensive, and either useful or seriously crafted items which would keep. I will take another stall next year, and take time making items in the months ahead.

One Chocolate Beer Cake sold for £8.50, the other cut up to accompany cups of tea – both in aid of the Church funds. We polished off the ginger cake, with cups of hot tea, after sight-seeing journeys in near-freezing temperatures!

So, all in all, a successful but tiring weekend, and lots to think about for the Cake Book, and the next Church Fayre.