Baking Challenges

I am on holiday! And this means doing things differently. I have noticed lots of ‘Challenges’ on the internet, but have never participated so I am going to try one or two this month.

I enjoy Karen’s blog very much and she mentions a Braided Bread Challenge for August, using recipes based on King Arthur’s Flour. It looks interesting! The photograph on the King Arthur site doesn’t really look like bread, however, and I wonder if I can achieve something more like bread? And why not put marmalade inside? Breakfast in a slice…

Recipe photo

And Chocolate Log Book has a monthly ‘We Should Cocoa’ challenge which will be making actual, filled chocolates in August – this also sounds fun – and very challenging, particularly if the hot weather continues! These handmade chocolates look amazing! I wonder if I can make filled chocolate cases, perhaps with dark and white chocolate?

Opera Cream Candy - amazing post on how to make these beautiful chocolates

And look at this!

And this maker in London gives classes – and what a great website!


  1. I used to make large Easter eggs for my children in the 1980’s. When I bought the moulds I discovered there were some individual chocolate moulds in the box as well; I made “after-dinner” sweets with them using very bitter chocolate and rather a lot of whipped cream. I had forgotten all about those moulds until I read this post!

  2. Well, perhaps you should be entering the Challenge too! I used to make after-dinner chocolates in small paper cases, but I am going to look for small silicone moulds now.

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