Shapes of Cakes

I am working on The Cake Book and thinking about the shapes of cakes, and my cakes tins.

The Three Ginger Cake is ready, recipe and shape, and I am going to include an adapted version of Dan Lepard’s Orange CakeBoth use the same cake tin in different ways – the ‘tins’ are silicone moulds and are easy to use. However, neither recipe has a ‘dedicatee’ yet – is there such a word?

Three Ginger Cake

Three Ginger Cake

Dan Lepard's Orange Cakes

Dan Lepard’s Orange Cakes

Silicone Cake Moulds

Silicone Cake Moulds

Chocolate Cinnamon Cake is baked in 20cm sandwich tins, and is ready – recipe and dedicatee. The Blackforest Cake will also use these tins, and although I have the friend, and the shape, the recipe is researched but not tested. And the Devil’s Food Cake will also be round, but I am going to make three rounds so that it is disgustingly rich – and I have the recipe and the recipient.

Chocolate Cinnamon Cakes

Chocolate Cinnamon Cakes

Model for Black Forest Cake

Model for Black Forest Cake

Model for Devil's Food Cake

Model for Devil’s Food Cake

20cm Sandwich Tins

20 cm Sandwich Tins

The final (at this stage) chocolate cake will be a Chocolate Beer Cake and I have the recipient and the shape, but the recipe needs more testing. I want it to be a ‘plain’ chocolate cake, with a light, shiny chocolate glaze. This is what I envisage, although the recipient may wish for something rather more gooey…

Chocolate Beer Cake shape

Chocolate Beer Cake

Bundt tins, slightly fluted

Bundt tins, slightly fluted

That’s it for the day – I am ‘caked out’!

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