Oh dear, 7 weeks of growth!

I said when I last posted that I had to wait and see happens next in the garden, having made some changes in the Spring. I have been away from the Fortnight Garden for seven weeks now and my goodness I am paying for it! I have come back to a jungle! The hedges need cutting, the pots are a mess, the viburnum has been shredded, and it just looks as though the plants need attention.

The Fortnight Garden in late May

Yes, I know it is mid-June, but it is been busy! And for this post it was the three-week garden because I had been in Portugal – yes, wonderful! And there will be posts about Portugal on London Traveller. The garden in Suffolk hadn’t grown quite as much as I expected in my absence, but with the help of a kind neighbour it has come through the dry weather; nevertheless the weekend was spent watering and doing some gentle tidying.

The Fortnight Garden – Spring in Suffolk

The garden in Suffolk should really be called ‘The Fortnight Garden’ because that is what I am trying to do – make an interesting garden on a few day’s attention once a fortnight. Crazy! I returned from wonderful weeks in South Africa to find the garden in Suffolk hadn’t missed me at all; instead it was getting on with the New Year. I have squeezed in a few days but it really needs my undivided attention for at least a week and I don’t have a week until early April. So what is keeping me busy? I am digging in London, still posting on my travels in South Africa (with gardening posts to come from South Africa!), thinking about what is needed in Suffolk, and starting to work on a little photography exhibition in early 2018 together with a friend! Quite a long list of ‘things to do’ but first I am going to enjoy the spring in the Suffolk garden.