May/June in the Fortnight Garden

It is May/June in the Fortnight Garden and it all looks very abundant indeed! This garden suffered last year year while I was making Green Lewisham but somehow it kept going. I dug in compost in the spring – not as much as it needed, but at least it got some food. Now I am just doing as much as I can manage. The weather is very cool – we still make the occasional fire at night – and that has perhaps kept the plants looking so lush.

May/June in the Fortnight Garden
The Fortnight Garden

It’s time for six things which caught my eye this time.

Wild flowers

I am starting to think about putting wildflowers into the garden. I have two patches of iris Foetidissima and the ox-eye daises spread with easily and readily. I am going to try them on the new Pavement Garden.

Ox-eye daisies in May/June in the Fortnight Garden
Ox-eye daisies
Iris Foetidissima in May/June in the Fortnight Garden
Iris Foetidissima

Wild gladiolus

About five years ago a single wild gladiolus started flowering and now there are eight! I have noticed quite a few this year and wonder if they are spreading more readily.

Wild gladiolus in the Fortnight Garden
Wild gladiolus


Two wonderfully amazing peonies! And Bowl of Beauty still to fully open. There are two more plants which are being swamped in another corner and they will be moved in the autumn so that I have a peony patch.


Geraniums are very rewarding and I have Ingwerson’s Variety, Spessart, Mayflower and a white sport which appeared from nowhere.

Geranium macrorrhizum Spessart
Geranium macrorrhizum Spessart


This little shrub is flowering away and just pretty. I am going to cut it down in the autumn because it has become very woody. And I have another one in a pot which I am going to plant next to it. Pots are just too risky in a fortnight garden.

Potentilla in the Fortnight Garden


Japanese anemones – what can one say? These wonderful plants give endless joy in the autumn but they are also invasive. I started with five plants in the back garden and now have three more clumps in the front garden. They have travelled to the City Garden, the Pavement Garden, and even a community garden! I can see that several more will be travelling again in the autumn/spring!

Somehow the persicaria are managing to grow and flower through the Japanese anemones. They will also have to be rescued in the autumn or even next spring.

Persicaria superba I the Fortnight Garden
Persicaria Superba

And that is May/June in the Fortnight Garden and #Six on Saturday.


  1. I love Ox-eye daisies and the wild gladioli sound delightful. I have looked up you Green Lewisham project – what a great way to fill the last two years.

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