Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

I have been following The Propagator for a while now and today I decided to ‘have a go’, so here are my Six on Saturday!

1. William Shakespeare is just starting to flower – a wonderful sight and equally wonderful scent. I have struggled with this rose because it kept falling over, but it seems to have strengthened over a few years and the branches are now supporting the large flower heads.

William Shakespeare

2. An unknown white rose is draped over the back gate. I don’t remember seeing much of this rose in the past but a sycamore has been cut down, and ivy has been cut back and this is the beautiful result.

The white rose over the back gate

The white rose over the back gate

3. Large pink paeonies are surrounded by purple heuchera. They are wonderful! I think this is a paeony lactiflora but not sure of the exact name.

Paeony Lactiflora

4. Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ is crowded with with bees at all times of the day!

Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’

Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’

5. The Acanthus Mollis are getting ready to put on a show!

Acanthus Mollis

6. And Stipa Gigantea is flowering and beautiful in the evening light.

Stipa Gigantea


And those are my first Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden. 

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

  1. Hi and welcome to SoS. Your roses are sublime. I wonder if William Shakespeare is a young rose. I grew The Prince from a cutting and it was a couple of years before the stem were strong enough to hold the blooms up.


    • William Shakespeare is now c.7 years old but I was quite inexperienced when he/she was planted and probably mismanaged the pruning… Just pleased the rose has survived my efforts!


  2. I, too, am gobsmacked at the photo of the rose bouquet against the fence. What a great reward for trimming back a little of this & a little of that. Fantastic. I didn’t realise the foliage on nepata was so lovely, but considering it’s a mint . . . I was dithering about buying some acanthus mollis just this week & your photos are asking me why I even hesitated (space). That’s the biggest drawback of Sos – the impact on your wallet. Welcome to the gang & hope to see how things progress in your garden.


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