Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens, Cape Town

Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens lies just behind Table Mountain in Cape Town and I wrote about the history of the Gardens on London Traveller. Here I am going to indulge myself further in enjoying the scenery and the plants.

Please, please grow!

I saw the wonderful springtime show  in The Frustrated Gardener’s coastal garden and felt inspired by the stunning display of colour and the lush growth. I would like something like that, I thought, and went outside to inspect ‘The Fernery’ whereupon inspiration turned to despair. How on earth am I going to turn this ghastly mess of assorted ugly pots into a calm haven? I daren’t show you the rest of the area! A few days of hard work and ‘The Fernery’ is tidy, and bare, a display of ugly pots. However, I have planted deep blue trailing lobelia, red trailing geraniums, and…

Dry & shady corner

I have a large laurel tree in one corner of the garden – it was meant to be a laurel bush, providing bay leaves for cooking, but I forgot to prune it… The 30-years tree was uncovered last year when the garden was restructured and it is the area in the tree’s shade which is giving me problems. It is light, not dark, and there is an hour of sunshine in the late afternoon, but that is all. I don’t want to leave it completely unplanted so I need to find plants which will flourish in these conditions. I am going to…

Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens

I loved these gardens and returned more than once to just wander and enjoy.

The shady patio bed planted!

I wrote earlier about the Patio Bed and how the planting wasn’t quite right.

Colours in Suffolk

I have been digging, clearing and dividing in Suffolk and need a moment to enjoy the colours in the garden. I hope all the bare patches will soon become green and colourful!

Karoo Desert Botanic Garden, Worcester

I visited this amazing garden on a scorchingly hot day in February – it was at least 35C. The Karoo Desert National Botanic Garden lies just outside the town of Worcester, in the Cape Province, under the Hex River Mountains. The garden is quiet and has a conveniently placed restaurant near the entrance which serves food and ice-cold drinks.The garden was originally established near Matjiesfontein in 1921 as the Logan Memorial Garden, moving to Worcester in 1945. The garden covers 144 hectares of natural vegetation, and 11 hectares are cultivated. It is promoted as the only succulent garden in the southern hemisphere