The shady patio bed planted!

I wrote earlier about the Patio Bed and how the planting wasn’t quite right.

The new planting is now in place according to the plan and I wait to see what happens next. The bare patches are planted with Persicaria ‘Superba’ and there are also some Heuchera ‘Purple Palace’. The Aquilegia ‘Black Barlow’  are coming up – I thought I had lost one – and the Ajuga are getting ready to flower!

The Patio Bed in London

Ajuga in the Patio Bed

I left one of the Stipa Tenuissima between the Libertia because it was doing well – the others have been moved to another part of the garden to join larger grasses. And the Amelanchier is about to burst into leaf and bud!

Libertia and Stipa Tenuissima

Amelanchier Lamarckii

I am reasonably happy with the planting in these two beds – the patio and the flint wall – and I hope I have foiled the snails. Now I need to do something about the shady, dry corner which I think will be difficult.

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