Six on Saturday in The City Garden

It is the end of August and there is a hint of ‘year-end’ in the garden. It feels slightly tired, as though we are in the last fling before settling down to sleep. On the whole I have been pleased with progress this year, but I can also see where some changes are needed next year. The laurel tree needs to be cut back, the damson needs its biannual prune (so no jam next year), and the neighbour’s conifer is threatening light and life. Then some of the plants need to be changed around – but less so than this year – slow progress!

Brookmill Park and Broadway Fields in Lewisham

Brookmill Park and Broadway Fields in Lewisham are in the Ravensbourne River valley, between the DLR railway stations at Deptford Bridge and Elverson Road. The parks are a wonderful respite from the busy surrounding roads, railway lines, and DLR trains. And Brookmill Park in particular is home to some surprising wildlife!