Six on Saturday in The City Garden

It is the end of August and there is a hint of ‘year-end’ in the garden. It feels slightly tired, as though we are in the last fling before settling down to sleep. On the whole I have been pleased with progress this year, but I can also see where some changes are needed next year. The laurel tree needs to be cut back, the damson needs its biannual prune (so no jam next year), and the neighbour’s conifer is threatening light and life. Then some of the plants need to be changed around – but less so than this year – slow progress!

1.The Amelanchier’s leaves have turned bright gold. As I look out of the window they shine in the semi-gloom – lovely.


2. The Hen and Chicken plant (Chlorophytum Comosum!)is extravagantly propagating itself before the cold sets in! Last year I left it out during the winter and it repaid me by growing out stronger than before. This year I don’t want to take the risk again and willl take in indoors in October/November.

3.The grasses have spread, as have the alchemilla, sedums, and ox eye daisies and so I giving away several barrow loads to a neighbour who needs to fill a large space! This is one of about four.

3.I have one white Japanese Anemone, ‘Honorine Jobert’, to join the very pink ones. HJ seems rather ‘fragile’ and I am wondering what I should do with it to ensure it thrives. Clearly it can’t be planted amongst the thuggish pinks and I wonder if it will do in a pot?

5.The Verbena Bonariensis are pretty amongst the miscanthus, but falling over. Perhaps the plant will be stronger next year…

Verbena Bonariensis
Verbena Bonariensis

6.And finally, I have a pot(!) in which I planted some Iris Luzula and pulmonaria. I notice a little violet has also sneaked in and I am hoping this will be pretty in the springtime. If it works well I have a very large iris in The Fortnight Garden which really should be divided …

Iris Luzula, Pulmonaria, and violet

I am a little late but these are my Six on Saturday/Sunday to join The Propagator!


    • Aha! So you have also had problems. The RHS tells me that it can spread rapidly once established, but not how to get it firmly established. They are growing well in the Canary Wharf roof garden which is partly open to the sky and in partial shade. I press on!

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