Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

Cold, wet, windy, grey – thoroughly miserable and definitely not a day to be outside, which is a pity because there is plenty to do. After some weeks away the garden is looking good, but untidy!

Six on Saturday in The City Garden

Well, you have to pay for pleasure and after enjoying the sunshine and bright colours of Northern Spain I have returned to a messy, sombre garden in London. It could be worse – the gardens could be dry and dead!

Six on Saturday from Oviedo, Northern Spain

My Six on Saturday comes from Northern Spain for the last time, and these plantings are in the Park of San Francisco in the city of Oviedo. I enjoyed walking through the park every day and found it was well-used by local people: they strolled there during the day; dressed up and did the paseo in the…

Six on Saturday in Ribadeo, Northern Spain

Up on the north coast of Spain, in Ribadeo, the weather continues to be glorious, with cool and misty mornings and hot afternoons. The parks here are not as generously planted as in London, and in this town the planting is not only minimal but also quite formal. Impatiens is used a lot, as are…

Six on Saturday in Villafranca del Bierzo

I am relieved to say that I am still enjoying summer weather in Northern Spain where the trees are green, but with a tinge of gold and the mornings are quite sharp. This week my Six on Saturday is all about plants hanging over balconies or under windows, and trees in streets.

Six on Saturday in the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

Today’s Six on Saturday comes again from the mountains in northern Spain where the dahlias seems to grow abundantly. I don’t know what they are called but here are six wonderful dahlias – just beautiful!

Six on Saturday in the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

My Six on Saturday comes to you from sunny Spain, the Picos de Europa to be more specific, where I am easing off after a difficult year. The Propagator will, I hope, allow such a breach of ‘backyard’ information! 1.Ivy Geraniums line the balcony in our rented flat and are absolutely beautiful. 2.The fruit and vegetables…

Hilly Fields Park in Brockley, SE London

LGO tells me that ‘…The site’s historic interest resides less in its design than in the story of its acquisition. Deptford Common to the north had already been lost to development when the open land of Hilly Fields was leased to builders in the 1880s. It was saved through a campaign that began in 1889…

Six on Saturday in The City Garden

It is the end of August and there is a hint of ‘year-end’ in the garden. It feels slightly tired, as though we are in the last fling before settling down to sleep. On the whole I have been pleased with progress this year, but I can also see where some changes are needed next…

Brookmill Park in Lewisham

London Gardens Online tells me that ‘…Brookmill Park in Lewisham originated as a small recreation ground provided from 1880 near the Kent Waterworks’ reservoir by the River Ravensbourne. It was expanded in the 1920s when part of the disused reservoir was infilled, and opened as Brookmill Park. Some evidence of the reservoir remains, much reduced in size, as the small oval…