Folkestone Gardens in Lewisham

I have often driven past Folkestone Gardens in the car, or whizzed by in the train, but I have not walked there until now. London Gardens Online tells me that ‘…Folkestone Gardens were created in the 1970s on the site of war-damaged housing, and is overlooked and completely surrounded by railway lines. The Grand Surrey Canal used…

Deptford Park in Lewisham

London Gardens Online describes this park as follows: ‘…Located near the river, the site was once market gardens on the estate owned by the Evelyn family, and was particularly famous for its onions, celery and asparagus. In 1884 the land was purchased for a public park by the LCC, who paid two-thirds of the purchase…

Magnolias in Greenwich Park

It is a long time since I posted here! In the inbetween monthsI have been to France, undertaken house renovation, and prepared for a photography exhibition which is just two weeks away now. I have been iimmersed in the Breton Church Closes and will be returning to Brittany soon to continue with the project.

Rainham Hall

Rainham Hall in early June

Rainham Hall was built in 1729 for Captain John Harle and is adjacent to the Church of St Helen and St Giles in Havering. Next to the Hall are the stables and Lodge. Captain John Harle (1688-1742) was a Master Mariner, ship owner, and who traded in building materials, coal, and foodstuffs around the UK and as…

Chateau of Trevarez

The Chateau of Trevarez in Brittany

This year has been a scramble from the beginning – photography exhibition, two weeks in Brittany, a working trip to Northern France, and volunteering and photographing with Open Garden Squares Weekend in London. Blogging is out of order, but posting on Brittany is next and I must share with you the wonderful gardens at the Chateau of Trévarez which is…

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Olympic Park or The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to give it its full name, is an initiative of the London Legacy Development Corporation to create a new residential, cultural, and business centre in the East End of London around the buildings of the Olympic Games of 2012.