The Fortnight Garden in early July

The Fortnight Garden in early July is looking lush but a little thirsty. And this time the baking came first and afterwards I just sat and looked at the garden – no hard work at all!

Chocolate Cinnamon Cakes

The smell of chocolate is all over the house – let’s hope it cuts well and tastes good.

Chocolate Cinnamon Cake

Victoria Sponge Cakes

Everyone knows Victoria Sponge Cakes, but I am out of practice and forgot to turn the cake on to a cloth for a nice smooth top – ah well…

Victoria Sponge Cake


Just lovely! I wish I could grow them in the City Garden.


The bees!

There are flocks of bees (flocks?) in the lavender and the knautia. The latter are definitely going to migrate to the City Garden.


The roses are drooped over the fence, mostly flowering on the neighbour’s side.

Japanese Anemones

The Japanese Anemones continue to flourish and spread – I like them, and they are useful, but they are also relentless. They are looking very healthy and the buds are starting to swell.

And those are my #Six on Saturday from the Fortnight Garden in early July.

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