The Pavement Garden in August

I am quite pleased when I look at the Pavement Garden in August. This is the second year and it is starting to look like a garden. And what is even nicer is that the neighbours enjoy it! It has been quite a challenge but there are plenty of sites on the internet and books, such as Beth Chatto which provide advice..

The beds

There are two large open beds, a small space around a mahonia and a difficult area around a tree and a mature cotoneaster. Nothing is allowed to grow over the walls. It is Council land, managed by a housing management company for the Council.

I added some compost and feed when I planted the garden, and added more potting compost and feed in the spring this year. The gardens rely on rain for water and this year there was plenty of that in the spring, which I think has made a difference, plus the cooler temperatures.

Mahonia bed

The mahonia and laurel are starting to take over and we will have to cut back next spring when the flowers are over. I have underplanted with the tough pink geranium which is thriving and which the bees love. A gardener in Tower Hamlets gave me a cutting and I have taken further cuttings – so free flowers!

Mahonia, laurel and pink geraniums

Grasses bed

I have planted several oat grasses here – Stipa Gigantea – which came from The Fortnight Garden and they are starting to establish nicely. The ox-eye daisies planted themselves in The Fortnight Garden and have travelled to London where they are increasing and the two together should work quite well.

There are sedums for colour and I will plant one or two more. The Michaelmas daisy just arrived by itself!

Lavender and curry plants are a little slower but the rosemary is coming along very well indeed. And dotted about is the pink geranium which I have just cut down and which setting off again – a real thug! I also planted a cistus this year and wait and see if it will survive and I notice some aquilegias amongst the grasses. Euonymus plants were a cheap job lot at Homebase.

The plan for the spring is plant more sedums, move two grasses and add compost and feed – and wait.

Japanese Anemone bed

The Japanese anemones were already here but now that there is sunshine they are doing better. In the autumn I will plant some more.

I planted several Libertias here and they are starting to establish.

I cut down an ornamental quince and it has responded well and the bergenias are also establishing. The cares pendula is thriving and I will have to watch it.

The plan here is more Japanese anemones and bergenias, compost and feed.

Tree bed

The Robinia sucks all the moisture out of the soil and I think my only hope is ivy. There is a seedy looking quince which I will cut down in the spring and a large pyracantha which will also be pruned in the spring. After that euonymus and geraniums may be the only answer.

And that is the Pavement Garden in August!


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