Plant combinations

The Suffolk garden is now in its 6th season – I can hardly believe so many years have passed – so much has happened in that time. I have worked at trying to understand the plants and how they grow, and which combinations work and which do not. And along the way I have ‘discovered’ Piet Oudolf. This…

Libertia Grandiflora

The Libertia Grandiflora is now in its 6th year and absolutely filled with flowers stalks which are just starting to open – I am looking forward to the display over the next few weeks, and I am sure the camera will be very busy too.

Last tidyup before Spring

It was a mild day in Suffolk, and not raining so I had a chance to tidy up in the garden – a task I had not anticipated doing until March! I cleared Japanese Anemones off the paving and cut down the sedums – both are on the compost heap now. And although it is…

Clematis ‘Prince Charles’

I have a problem – my clematis ‘Prince Charles’ is putting out new growth with clear determination! It is only early December and not at all what I expected so I consulted the RHS. It is a young plant, put in earlier this year and the RHS advises me to ‘…Prune in late winter or early spring…

We need cold weather!

The garden in Suffolk is not going to sleep – we need cold weather! One of the clematis, ”Prince Charles’, is sending out new growth, the Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ are starting to grow, and the primroses are flowering – what should I do? Even ‘William Shakespeare’ is still flowering.