Almost June in The Fortnight Garden

It is almost June in The Fortnight Garden – five months of 2020 have already passed. I can’t believe we are already approaching the halfway point in the year. The Fortnight Garden has had a lot of attention and it is responding really rather well – it has certainly been a great help to me during this time. I rather assume my fellow gardeners also turn to their plants for calmness in a time of stress and concern.

1.This week has been about the paeonies – watching the buds swell, and the flowers open. They are absolutely gorgeous but surprisingly difficult to photograph. It has been very windy, again (I hate the wind!!!) but I don’t want to pick them. They are gorgeously pale in the mornings, and glow in the evenings – lovely.

2.The ox-eye daisies are pretty, but goodness they are determined self-seeders! I think I planted one in the hedge and now I have an ever-increasing clump outside the dining room window, and in several other places. Never mind, I have just the challenge for them.

Ox-eye daisies at almost June in The Fortnight Garden
Ox-eye daisies in The Fortnight Garden

3.A new planting area. There is a small iron ‘fence’ separating our garden from the neighbours, who have recently cut down trees and pulled out rubbish. I think we need something nice and pretty along the railings, but the first challenge is to produce a plantable strip of soil. Well, having hosted bramble, roots and other rubbish it is never going to be deep, friable, and ‘good’. So, I am going to sprinkle some bonemeal, put in a pile of compost, and hope for the best. Then I am going to plant ox-eye daisies, alchemilla, rosemary, and maybe lavender.

4.The geraniums are starting to go over, and that means (heavy sigh) that I need to cut back and probably thin out and take cuttings. (More cuttings…!) Geranium Phaeum ‘Samobor’ has done well, but one area has been swamped with moss and I think it needs to be dug out and refreshed. Actually, I should probably dig them all out and dig in bonemeal and compost. Let’s go for something positive instead – the Veronicastrum is starting to flower.

Veronicastrum at almost June in The Fortnight Garden

5.The white roses are just gorgeous, so I am going to share them with you again.

6.And finally the Graham Thomas is beautiful, particularly in the evening light, or early in the morning.

Graham Thomas

And that is where I am today, almost in June in The Fortnight Garden. The garden has come a long way in the last month. Thank you again to The Propagator for keeping going and helping hold us all together! Much appreciated.

Opening the door in the early morning


  1. The peonies are beautiful. Mine look like they should open soon. It’s just a shame they don’t seem to last very long. Your little gravel sitting out area looks very inviting.

    • Thank you – yes, they are absolutely wonderful, but I think I will be lucky to have them for a week. However, I am enjoying every minute of that week! And yes, it is nice to sit in the middle of the garden with the flowers all around. Thank you for visiting

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