Six challenges in The City Garden

Well, you have to pay for pleasure and after enjoying the sunshine and bright colours of Northern Spain I have returned to a messy, sombre garden in London. It could be worse – the gardens could be dry and dead! Nevertheless I have six challenges in the City Garden this week.

Six on Saturday in the City Garden

This week Six on Saturday includes two grasses, two plants grown for their leaves, and hydrangeas in tubs. My garden is quite small and so quite a few pots are necessary, in sunny spots, in empty corners, in the Fernery, and just as ‘overflow’ from the rest of the garden. So here we are again, a week later and at the start of a warm and sunny day – BUT – the sun has turned round and is heading south again – too soon!

The City Garden underway again

It has been so busy – a photography exhibition in Suffolk and another in Brittany, followed by the ongoing project in Brittany, photographing the Parish Closes – that I haven’t paid enough attention to the City Garden. I did some work in March, which was good, but more remains to be done if I want to sit back and enjoy it in the evenings – it would be good to have warm evenings in which to enjoy the garden too!

Open Squares & Gardens in the City

I visited gardens in the City of London during the Open Squares & Gardens Weekend and although Saturday 13 June (!) was cold and grey there were wonderful sights.

St Joseph’s Garden, EC1 8LE, is a tiny, quiet, green space.

St Josephs Garden
St Josephs Garden

The Golden Baggers, EC1Y 0ST, is a really imaginative enterprise in the middle of a housing estate where builders’ hessian bags are used as above-ground growing beds. It made my fingers itch to start a new garden!

The Golden Baggers
The Golden Baggers

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St Joseph’s Garden
The Golden Baggers

Christchurch Greyfriars

This past weekend Open Garden Squares in London has allowed Londoners to visit squares and gardens normally closed to the general public, and although it has been cold and damp the gardens have been absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much to London Parks & Gardens Trust for organising this annual event. I managed to visit over a dozen gardens and loved every minute of the weekend.