Six on Saturday in the City Garden

This week Six on Saturday includes two grasses, two plants grown for their leaves, and hydrangeas in tubs. My garden is quite small and so quite a few pots are necessary, in sunny spots, in empty corners, in the Fernery, and just as ‘overflow’ from the rest of the garden. So here we are again, a week later and at the start of a warm and sunny day – BUT – the sun has turned round and is heading south again – too soon!

1.Carex Pendula (Pendulous Sedge) appeared in the garden two years ago and I think one of its relatives may have sneaked into a pot in the fernery!

Carex Pendula?

2.Hakonechloa Macra ‘Aurea’ has always been grown in a tub and seems to be very happy. I divided it up a few years ago and potted on some cuttings which are now spreading under taller grasses and alongside the steps. I love this plant!

Hakonechloa Macra ‘Alboaurea’
Hakonechloa Macra ‘Alboaurea’
Hakonechloa Macra ‘Alboaurea’

3.Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ is doing well under a tree in partnership with Japanese Anemones. I deadheaded the plants c.two weeks ago and the leaves are now expanding nicely.

Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’
Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’

4.Heuchera ‘Purple Palace’ was planted in a tub because I couldn’t find anywhere else to put the plants and it has proved a good move. In fact, as soon as I can empty some tubs I am going to plant another one with these wonderfully coloured leaves. (The little tray next to the tub is filled with Alchemilla seedlings for a friend, dug out of the garden.)

5. I bought some small hydrangeas at a B&Q store, as ‘bin ends’, and one is planted out in the garden while the other is doing rather better in a tub. I thought I had enough space in the garden itself, but miscalculated. I don’t think it ever had a name but the bush is getting ready to put on a show. The flowers promise to be interesting.

Dwarf white hydrangea

6. Hydrangea ‘Dark Angel’ is doing quite well but I think needs feeding – I have been remiss – or perhaps I just pruned it incorrectly in the spring. It’s next door neighbour clearly needs some encouragement as well. And yes, both are in tubs – actually bins!

And those are my Six on Saturday in the City Garden.


  1. Beautiful and interesting grasses. A whole pot full if heuchera makes a stunning feature and one I may copy.

    • Thank you, and yes, I am pleased with the Heuchera. They look good in the ground, but in a pot, on their own, they really have a chance to be spectacular. I think the varieties with variegated or golden leaves would look wonderful too.

  2. Lovely leafy photos. I like the Brunnera (mine found the harden too hot in the summer) and the Heuchera.

    • Thank you – I like the Brunnera very much; are you sure you don’t have a ‘hidden’, shady corner somewhere? They are such doubly rewarding plants. The heuchera is a joy and I am certainly going to plant another tub, somewhere!

  3. Lovely photos- the shape of the white hydrangea flowers are definitely stunning. Looks very much like the little hydrangea that I have- a gift from a friend.

  4. I also like the heuchera in a pot. Really sets it off. This year, I’ve treated myself to some non-plastic pots for some of my larger plants, but when it comes to shrubs & trees, they’re hard to find or horribly expensive. I’ve wanted an hydrangea for a long while & your bin idea seems like just the proper solution. I don’t typically like ornamental grasses, but your hak mac is really impressive! It needs to be in the right place, doesn’t it, in order to look its best.

    • Thank you, and yes, I am really pleased with the heuchera and intend planting another tub as soon as I have emptied one of grasses! Big plastic bins are cheap, but ugly. The hydrangeas are standing in a corner with other pots in front of them so the ugliness is not really obvious. The Hakonechloa is in a ‘proper’ pot, bought years ago in a sale – they are so expensive these days. It stands at the entrance to the ‘Fernery’ and it looks better like this than draped over the side of the path nearby. I like it because it is so cheerful!

  5. Pendulous Sedge is such a thug in my garden! I have spent the last three years digging it out! It self-seeds everywhere too. Your hak mac is gorgeous. I read somewhere that it actually does better in shade (more colour) so I might remove mine from its sunny location and put it in a pot in the shady courtyard. Nice to see yours happy in a pot. And I am envious of your Brunnera. I have cut the old flower spikes off mine but the leaves are tiny! I was hoping this plant would spread out under my hazel tree, but so far it isn’t making much progress. Any more tips?

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