Six on Saturday in the City Garden

This week my contribution to Six on Saturday is about shades of pink, with a touch of blue. 

1. The pot of geraniums which overwintered outside is now setting out to flower with enthusiasm – I love the pop of colour! I love seasonal geraniums because they are so generous but I only grow a few in a tub and they have to do the best they can outside, all year round. In the garden itself I plant species geraniums.


2. Elsewhere in the garden species geraniums are showing various shades of pink, and blue. This particular geranium seems to put out two different shapes of flower! It was a gift two years ago and I don’t have a name, but can tell you it is very vigorous indeed. Could it be Geranium Oxianium?

3. The Pinks are strongly scented and spilling over the edge of a tub. They have become rather leggy and I think I need to take cuttings and start them again, perhaps spreading them over several more tubs.

Pinks in a tub

4. Cistus, grown in a tub, produces these wonderful, papery flowers which only last a day, and on a hot day the plant exudes a strong scent of … resin? I love seeing these plants all over the hillsides in Spain and Portugal in the spring – pink and white, large and small.

5. Another very bright pink geranium is spilling over an edge at the back of the garden – this is Geranium ‘Dragon Heart’ – gorgeous!

Geranium ‘Dragon Heart’

6. And finally a touch of blue with Geranium Rozanne

Geranium Rozanne

And those are my Six on Saturday in the City Garden!


  1. I love hardy geraniums though I also have quite a few pelargoniums which I bring indoors during the winter, though this year I may try leaving some outdoors to fend for themselves! The oxonium species #2 look like two different plants.
    is a good site to ID geraniums (or buy more…) 🙂

    • Yes, but honestly it is ONE plant! I have no space indoors which is suitable for plants so they have to fend as best they can outside, or face the alternative! Thank you for the link and I would love to grow more geraniums but just don’t have any space! Thank you for visiting

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