Durban Botanic Gardens’ Colours & Corners

I couldn’t resist showing you a few more of the wonderful plants in the Durban Botanic Gardens! 

Exotic cheeseplants.

16-2-30 Durban Botnic Gardens LR-8625

Beautifully fragrant Frangipane flowers.

Frangipane flowers in Durban

The steps into the Garden of the Senses.

Steps into the Garden of the Senses

Creepers and droopers.

Durban Botanical Gardens

16-1-30 Durban Botanic Gardens LR-8663

Just watching…an African Spoonbill (

African Spoonbill (

Extraordinary plants.

A reminder of the past.

16-1-30 Durban Botanic Gardens LR-9397
Slave Bell Plaque

Luscious colours.

16-1-29 Durban Botanic Gardens LR-9341

Durban Botanic Gardens

And the Craneflower.

Durban Botanic Gardens

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