Woollon House Garden

Woollon House is opening its garden during Open Garden Squares Weekend on Sunday 19 June – do visit this peaceful space created by an intrepid and determined gardener in Tower Hamlets who would love to have your company! And this time it is a working lady, digging and planting on her own – fabulous results and lots of interesting ideas.

Woollen House

Woollen House

Archways give height to the garden and carry scented climbers.

Archway at Woollen House

There are quiet corners to enjoy the sights and scents.

Woollen House

Variegated srubs are used to create interest in addition to flowers – aucuba, hebe, and weigela.

Variegated Weigela at Woollen House

Different textures are regarded as important and are being developed – spiky irises, soft ferns, architectural fatsia.

Iris at Woollen House


Fatsia Japonica at Woollen House

The Wow factor!

Paeony at Woollen House

Arum Lilies at Woollen House

Scent is important to this gardener, and I found philadelphus, a small pink jasmine, and honeysuckle.

Roses, placed throughout the length of the garden, are used more like shrubs than planted in rose beds.

Red rose at Woollen House

PInk roses at Woollen House

There are several varieties of geranium, and I particularly enjoyed the drama of pink geraniums next to the black elder.

Fruit and vegetables are a new undertaking – peas, beans, sweetcorn, beetroot, herbs, apples and plums and other delights!

Developing apples at Woollen House

The long lawn even provides space for games!

Woollen House

What a wonderful gift from this lady to the lucky residents of Woollon House.

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